Head of the Consultancy and M&A department

Alexandru is part of our team since 2018 and has strong experience in GDPR, being specialised in Corporate and M&A. Alexandru also has a vast experience in Employment, Real Estate, Taxation and GDPR.

Alexandru is the Head of our Consultancy and M&A department. Our Consultancy and M&A team has 5 lawyers.

Alexandru advises multinational companies on data privacy, data handling and all aspects of data protection compliance and regulatory filings and also acquisitions, merging, being acquired, or fending off hostile takeovers, using a variety of transactions formats.

Alexandru supports clients regarding the review and analyse of documents and contracts under GDPR requirements, supports clients with research and assistance on all aspects of data protection compliance and regulatory filings, and provides support to the company on aspects related to legal matters, in accordance with company group policies and applicable laws, as well as activity specific requirements.

Alexandru provides assistance to international companies in structuring complex merger and acquisition transactions, prepares the preliminary and final offers and related documentation, assists during bidding procedures and/or direct negotiation, providing legal services, including due-diligence, in order to asses key issues regarding the target He also conducts extensive due diligence surveys on behalf of the investors, negotiates agreements in both share and asset sale-purchase agreements regarding a complex set of matters.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Romanian