Data protection brochure
August 2017 | Christian Bogaru [EN]

Crowdfunding in Romania
June 2017 | Christian Bogaru [EN]

The European ‘Spam’ folder in a Digital Single Market
May 2017 | Christian Bogaru [EN]

Fiscal and Economic News as of January 1st, 2017 in Romania
January 2017 | Christian Bogaru [EN]

Considerations on to the Law no. 184 of 17 October 2016 on setting up a mechanism to prevent conflicts of interest in the award procedure of public procurement agreements
December 2016 | Christian Bogaru [EN]

State Aid Schemes to Support Investments Promoting Regional Development
August 2012 | Nicholas Hammond, Andra Carabineru | Download PDF [EN]

Law no. 148/2012 on the legal framework of the electronic documents
4 August 2012 | Alexandru Badet, Monica Capota, Nicholas Hammond | Download PDF [EN]

Franchising in Romania
8 November 2011 | Christian Bogaru, Nicholas Hammond | Download PDF [EN]Considerations on to the Law no. 184 of 17 

Romanian Trust- or How to Fully Profit from your Property
24 October 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Alina Bălaşa | Download PDF [RO]

Modern Romanian Institutions implemented by the New Civil Code
3 October 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Sebastian Simon, Alina Bălaşa | Download PDF [FR] [RO]

Financial Transparency of Insurance Companies as seen through the Lens of the New Requirements of Romanian Insurance Surveillance Commission
[Available only in Română]
September 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Sorina Stoica | Download PDF [RO]

Working in Romania. Access to the local labour markets and fiscal perspective
12 July 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Alexandra Florescu | Download PDF [EN] [FR] [RO]

Liability of Airline Company for Passenger Maleficence or Death under the Montreal Convention
[Available only in Română]
2 June 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Simona Mărginean | Download PDF [RO]

Law No. 52/2011 regarding the activities performed by occasional day laborers
[Available only in Română]
22 April 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Alexandru Badet | Download PDF [RO]

Aquisition of Brokerage Companies. A New Interest for Foreign Investors in Romania
February 2011 | Cristian Bogaru, Sorina Stoica | Download PDF [EN] [FR] [RO]