We provide assistance and legal advice for transactions, settlements and litigation across the media and telecommunications sectors. Our lawyers have recognized expertise in all areas of copyright, the press, the law applicable to radio, television and internet.

We advise media companies in mandates concerning financing, coproduction and distribution agreements, audiovisual regulation, assistance with broadcasting, obtaining the necessary authorizations for the broadcasting of television or radio channels, to the obtaining the necessary agreements in case of capital restructuring or transfer.
We have represented clients in relation to the National Audiovisual Regulatory Council of Romania (NAC), with BRAT, SNA, Copyro and advertising agencies. We can advise you on contracts relating to the distribution of revenues from the sale of commercials, tickets, broadcasting rights and the licensing of intellectual property rights and advertising rights.

Recent mandates:

• Legal advice given to a Romanian company concerning the setting up of a multimedia company including television, magazines and direct advertising.
• Legal advice given to a French software company on the protection of rights in Romania.
• Legal advice given to a major Romanian telecommunications company on the terms of local contracts with distributors and suppliers.
• Legal advice given to a Romanian company regarding electronic commerce and the requirements of European legislation.
• Legal advice given to a major international telecommunications company on the purchase of a telephone company in Romania.
• Legal advice given to a US company on the establishment of investment structure in Romania and advice on any legal aspect.